Design with a Difference.

Transform your body with Beautiful You! Our beautifully designed slimming fashion line is constructed with a magic 'secret support' lining, which works like a corset, helping to shape your figure, define your waist and create a smooth silhouette.

Breda Dress Cap Sleeves
€149.00 Regular price €159.00

Elegant Slimming Style

Support Slip White, Black, Nude

Smoothing Solutions

Fed up suffering for a smooth silhouette? Built-in, comfortable and discrete, you will never look so good in designer clothes. Be the most Beautiful You. Everyday.

Look Slimmer Now!

Our great new smoothing slip achieves the perfect blend between comfort, function, and fashion. The slip, which shapes the midriff, tummy, thighs, and bottom, can actually transform your figure.

Wardrobe Classics

Classic slimming style for any occasion! Dress it up, dress it down. Always slimming, Always Beautiful.

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2019 Shoot in Seville. Photography Adrian Heffernan.