The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Colour

Posted by Georgina Heffernan on

Every woman knows that feeling - you wake up in the morning and feel two sizes bigger. The scales say you weigh the same, but the mirror in your room tells a different story; the dress you looked so stylish in only a few days ago now looks decidedly lumpy. It‘s time for dark colours and baggy jumpers - in short, your fat wardrobe or the colours that you know will make you look slimmer.

If you are having a 'fat day' you‘ll probably stick to wearing black. Many women wear black because it has the same slimming effect on a body as ignoring chocolate for an entire month but the colour has a disturbing side-effect - it ages the face as well. Black clothing can, in fact, underscore dark lines under the chin, accentuate shadows around the eyes and give your skin a greyish tinge (charming.)

While black gives a slimmer silhouette, wearing it next to the face will, quite simply, add years. So isn‘t it time that you ditched the funeral garb for something infinitely more flattering? Anyways, isn‘t it rather depressing to wear one gloomy colour your entire life? Yes, ladies, I‘m talking about colour, glorious, wonderful colour.

Tomato red, sea green, duck egg blue, rose pink, buttery yellow and regal purple. Recently, black has been losing ground to colour in the fashion stakes and more and more women are ditching sombre palettes for rainbow prints, and foregoing the safety of the little black dress for evenings in shimmering metallic and eye-popping primaries.

The summer collection by Beautiful You will give you plenty of opportunities to re-assess your look and experiment with features such as block colour on dresses, which has been strategically placed to create the illusion of s slimmer silhouette. Now how says you can't have the best of both worlds!

If you want to know what clothes make you look slimmer, it‘s worth keeping in mind that a great outfit is as much about proportion, cut and overall style as it is about colour and although dark shades do minimise your size - they can look incredibly drab. monotone coloured outfits can be just as flattering, if not more, than plain old boring black and Wearing additional colours around your face will also bring attention to your skin tone, face shape and eye colour.

If you have put on weight over the years, avoid bights in problem areas and introduce colour slowly, for instance, a bright pair of shoes or beads, or layering a shocking-pink vest under a black one. If you are too nervous to suddenly don a myriad of rainbow shades, why not try introducing small splashes of colour to your existing wardrobe. Many women ask me 'Is red a slimming colour?' and I'd have to say that it's not, so if you are carrying a few extra pounds  - use red as an accessory only.

Pop into our Cliften boutique and try throwing no a colourful jacket over your boring black ensemble or pair a pretty floral skirt with a fitted top and you suddenly have a flattering look that will work, whether you are a size 6 or 16. Introduce other splashes of colour with a few well-chosen accessories such as pillar box red clutch, a striped scarf or a pair of purple heels and before you know it - you‘ve gone from drab - to fab!