How to Dress Slimmer Without Dieting- My Top Tips!

Posted by Ellen McDonough on

Deception is at the heart of fashion. Enhancing the waist, minimising the hips, and creating a cleavage where none exists are tricks that every designer has up their sleeve. Fashion is, in large part, an art of tromp l‘oeil: it can make people look thinner (head-to-toe black); more powerful (shoulder pads); and more prominent (red). Yet many women remain innocents in the game of deception, subjecting themselves to a succession of diet and exercise regimes and ignoring the easier ways to look good. But the good (great) news is that you can look slimmer without dieting, whether you want slimming clothes for a big tummy, or you want to dress to look slimmer in summer - there are a myriad of tricks to help you up for fashion game.

We spend hours in the gym and years counting calories. We endure high-carb, low-fat diets, and low-carb, high-protein diets. All in the pursuit of that perfect toned body. But what if we are putting ourselves through all that for nothing? No matter how hard we slog with our diet and exercise regimes, there‘s a limit to how much it helps because our weight and shape are in our genes.

If you don‘t believe it, stand next to your mum. Scientists have found that body shapes are inherited and you can‘t change your fundamental body type no matter how much you diet. So there‘s no point in trying to starve your way to a Kate Moss body if you‘re built like Beyonce.

And, as much as you may wish, you can‘t simply run out on your body and decide to start a new life somewhere else with a new one, so perhaps it‘s time to start loving the body that you have. So let‘s make a start with your posture. When your mother kept telling you to sit up straight, she did have a point. Sitting up properly not only improves your posture but also helps your internal organs
realign, eases back pain and can make you appear instantly thinner.

People mostly don‘t realise that they slouch or stoop. By simply standing tall, pulling back your shoulders and drawing your stomach in towards the spine, you will create the illusion of a thinner figure, instantly, losing up to two inches from your waist.

And remember to walk tall. It is the one statement that says more about us than our clothes, accents or the company we keep. The way we walk is the most powerful first impression we can make: remember Monroe‘s wiggle and John Wayne‘s swagger. Our walk also gives a fascinating insight into our personality, even our sexuality. So walk with your head held high and ooze confidence - even if you have to fake it.

The world is populated by women of all shapes and sizes: from petite to Amazonian, from androgynous to curvaceous, the variety of voluptuous and
feminine forms really is something to celebrate.

Why make things difficult for yourself when a wardrobe of carefully chosen clothes can transform the body, making a size 16 figure look like a 12. Not only will the right clothing make you look slimmer and more glamorous - it will make you look younger as well. So you‘d like to look slimmer, well here‘s a few tried and tested tricks from the team at Beautiful You to help you achieve your

Want slimming clothes to disguise a big tummy? One of our favourite tricks to disguise a pot belly is to wear a beautiful flowing scarf over, for example, a simple grey or black dress. The long line of the scarf will draw will make you appear taller and slimmer by drawing attention away from the midriff towards the vertical lines created by the scarf. A long pashmina casually falling gently over your tummy can hide a multitude of sins while looking young and Bohemian.

Make sure that your garments fit and flatter. The simple fact of it is that if you wear clothing that drapes across your figure, you will look as if you‘ve lost weight. If your clothing is too small, you are going to look like you‘ve gained. So many women wear clothes that are too tight, honestly, I find it astonishing. You may wish you were a size 10 but if you are not - squeezing into a pair of too tight
jeans will only serve to make you look larger and, let‘s face it, none of us want that. Dresses that make you look slimmer include clever designs with dark side panels and clothes that drape across your tummy...all of which will make you look slimmer overnight!

Studies into the link between body shape and attractiveness show, perhaps hardly surprising, that for men a shapely figure is a far bigger turn-on than a thin, stick-like one so please don‘t beat yourself up if you‘ve put on a few pounds. Just accept your new body shape, learn to adore it, and dress in a way that makes the most of your figure. Keep this in mind and look for styles that flow-
rather than cling. Opt for a flattering wrap style, such as the best-selling 'Mary Dress' at Patricia O'Toole and prepare to be astonished.

Also, it‘s important to remember that large accessories will make you look small, so bin that teeny weenie clutch and opt instead for an oversized bag because the bigger your handbag the smaller you will appear in comparison. That‘s why Victoria Beckham carries a Birkin bag wider than her waist and Theresa May never leaves home without her enormous statement necklace. The same applies for other accessories; statement necklaces, oversized large earrings are in right
now, so take advantage.

The most important part of a woman‘s wardrobe is her support garments, which can transform you from lumpy and bumpy to smooth and sculpted. So wave goodbye to those embarrassing Bridget Jones big knickers because the latest designs from Beautiful You feature a built-in slimming solution, which can shave off inches - not to mention nip and tuck you in all the right places to give
the illusion of a perfect figure. Perfect.