Cute Outfits for a Curvy Figure

Cute Outfits for a Curvy Figure

Cute Outfits for a Curvy Figure

Looking great is not just about wearing the right clothes: It's about wearing clothes that are right for your body shape. Have you ever noticed that some women never have a fashion disaster and always seem to be effortlessly stylish? Take a closer look and you may notice that those whose sartorial sense you admire often wear the same style over and over. 

They know how to showcase their assets, disguise their flaws and make their body look its absolute finest Whether they're cinching in the waist on a coat (to look more shapely), finding the perfect ratio of heel height to hemline length (to seem taller) or showing cleavage while covering the rest (to draw attention away from their hips), some women just seem to intrinsically know how to work their wardrobes to their advantage.

I'm here to teach you the tricks to suit your particular body type and make your clothes the most flattering they can possibly be. Here, we address the most common problems women encounter when shopping for clothes.


I want you to fall back in love with fashion. I really do. I want you to know that there are cute outfits for curvey figures - whatever size or age you might be. Clothes that won‘t make you feel like a second-class citizen just because you enjoy the odd chocolate Éclair. It is just not true that fashion is only for the super skinny or very tall. I‘m here to show you that it's easy to look incredible -once you know how.

Forget the days when wearing a size 16 equated to a wardrobe of garish patterns, shapeless smocks, or flammable fabrics and get ready to flaunt those curves. New labels, such as Beautiful You, are finally giving real women the clothing they deserve; clothing that celebrates the unique shape and beauty of all women, regardless of size. If you want slimming clothes for a size 14 or you want to learn the rules of what not to wear for curvy shapes...we're here to help.

Whether you want to rediscover your waistline, create the perfect silhouette for a maximum slimming effect or highlight your curves with confidence, these stylish designs will not only get you noticed, they'll help form the linchpin of a wardrobe that works. So perhaps it‘s time to bin the black and embrace a new colourful you. After all, who doesn‘t want to wear beautiful clothes that will get them noticed? But before you grab your credit card - let‘s just get a few simple style rules out of the way.


When it comes to a curvy figure your goal is to look leaner. For slimming summer clothing, why not try a Beautiful You dress that will skim over your curves and smooth your shape with built-in support. Opt for colours like deep blue, purple or jade and go for bigger accessories to balance your frame. Oversized handbags, large costume jewellery and wedge heels work really well on larger sizes, and a dramatic accessory can often make an outfit.

If you have wide hips compared to the rest of your body, add a wide necklace to fill in some volume on top. Also, try to avoid fabrics with big patterns as they‘ll only make you look larger. If you love bold prints, you can always introduce them into your wardrobe by adding a printed handbag or scarf.


For business wear, Beautiful You now have a wide range of classic styles for curvy women in figure-flattering styles. A well-cut dress will enhance your figure, and the drape and fit of quality tailoring and fabric in a classic style will give you years of mileage. Our Stretch fabric also moves with you and retains it's shape wear after wear and it's also wrinkle resistant, maintaining it’s shape wear after wear for a tailored appearance throughout the day.

Even though you may feel comfortable in it, black is really not the most flattering colour for your shape , especially if you're looking for cute outfits for a curvy figure.. Black suits, dresses, skirts and other plus size clothing is not necessarily the most slimming or figure flattering on a woman‘s body - and it‘s SO drab! A great work outfit is as much about proportion, cut and overall style as it is about colour.

Monotone coloured outfits can be just as flattering, if not more, than plain old boring black - and they are perfect for a corporate environment. Wearing additional colours around your face will bring attention to your skin tone, face shape, and eye colour. Focus on Vnecks. They‘re the perfect neckline when you want your overall body to look thinner. 

When it comes to skirts, opt for knee-length styles and avoid garments that fall right on the thickest part of your legs - your calves. Avoid spindly heels and spiked stiletto shoes as they‘ll only serve to emphasise your girth instead, opt for a gorgeous wedge heel or a cone style. Perfect!