Armed and Ready -Making the Most of Your Arms

Posted by Georgina Heffernan on

WHY is it that for so many women - no matter how thin and fit they are - once past their mid-30s shapely arms seem to be, well, a thing of the past? Annoyingly, like cellulite, flabby upper arms seem to be a condition that men just don‘t get. And, like lines on the neck, they‘re a definite age giveaway. Most of us look at women such as Michelle Obama with a mixture of awe and wonder, because their upper arms are toned and sculpted to perfection.

Unfortunately, arms like theirs come with a price and that‘s many hours spent working out at the gym, honing their physiques to perfection. Most older women how are busy juggling their careers with the demands of home life; just don‘t have the time What to do? Well, of course, a little styling magic is the easiest solution! If you do not have great upper arms - the solution is simple -sculpt them.

At Beautiful You, each garment has a magic slimming solution to help you make the most of your physique. Many of their tops feature a lightweight and comfortable compression vest, which conveniently slims your upper arms and back with it's gentle, seamless skin fuse fabric.

If you want to make the most of your arms, choosing the correct sleeve length is essential, so choose a style just the area above your elbow; that‘s not such a huge sacrifice now, is it? If you want to wear a glamorous dress such as a strapless evening gown or a style with shoestring straps, a cute bolero jacket will not only add a certain elegance to your look, it will also help to hide a multitude.

For a black-tie event, you can flash a little flesh by wearing a lace or chiffon wrap, which compliments the colour of your gown, this will cleverly disguise bingo wings‘ and you‘ll also be making a fashion statement as well. For day, you can help disguise flabby upper arms by wearing tops or dresses that have elastic across the top and can be pulled down over the shoulders.

Boat necks are great too, as they show off your shoulders and a hint of cleavage without revealing any arm. Also, try finding clothes with 3/4 length sleeves - very Jackie O. These can be worn all year round and give great coverage. Problem solved