Tricks to Look Thinner Overnight

Posted by Georgina Heffernan on

Perhaps you are looking for a magic fix and want to look thinner overnight or you want to know how to look thinner in summer? Read on...we've the fashion solutions for every problem!

Every woman knows that feeling - you wake up in the morning and feel two sizes bigger. The scales say you weigh the same, but the mirror in your room tells a different story; the dress you looked so stylish in only a few days ago now looks decidedly lumpy. It‘s time for dark colours and baggy jumpers - in short, your fat wardrobe. If you are having a 'fat' day you'll probably stick to wearing black  - but there is another solution

The most important part of a woman‘s wardrobe is her underwear, which can teransform you from lumpy and bumpy to smooth and sculpted. So wave goodbye to those embarrassing Bridget Jones big knickers because the latest crop of luscious lingerie will give you the hourglass figure you crave-and help you look slimmer without dieting.

The right undergarments can shave off inches - not to mention nip and tuck you in all the right places to give the illusion of a perfect figure. Yes, ladies, I‘m talking about good old fashioned support underwear. It is back in style and Beautiful You has a new shaping slip, which will solve all of your wardrobe woes!

These glamorous miracle workers may sound similar to the kind of shaping garments worn back in the '50s but the good news is that there‘s nothing old-fashioned about these figure fixers, because the latest styles are made with the latest techno fabrics, which are designed to sculpt and smooth your figure. They will help you look slimmer overnight and are also a great tool for plus size ladies who want to look slimmer.

For completely invisible support, try our control slip €59.00, in black or white, it will help you to get away with the type of figure-hugging dresses you‘ve previously only daydreamed about. Designed to press you into shape, it gives the waist a defined, smooth shape by using a firm stretch material that slims from your bra line and down to the base of your bottom.

Not only is it comfortable to wear, but it also creates a soft smooth line, which makes this the perfect choice if you are planning to wear any clingy fabrics such as silk or jersey.

Or, perhaps it‘s your breasts that need a bit of a boost? To create a sensual cleavage try Marks & Spencer‘s Strapless Stick-on Bra, €28.00, which lifts and boosts. The balconette bra is also perfect for women with a big stomach because it will push your breasts out and lessen the depth of the belly.

Problem solved.